Yes, I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. The farm is doing  well. We had a great kidding season with a total of twenty kids. Also, we were successful in selling most of them to loving new homes. This summer, we worked like crazy!! The epic spring rains taught us many things. We do not want to revisit any of it again. We have done major improvements in fencing and cover. We can now feed and water all of the goats and stay dry. Our front fence has been redone, so the goats cannot push the fencing. They are such active girls that they were creating quite a problem.   Another big improvement was a personnel gate on the front side of yard. We can enter and exit goat yard without getting out in the weather!imageimageimageimageimage

Here We Grow Again

Future chick brooder coop
Future chick brooder coop

It is mid winter, but we are in the throughs of planning for spring. The does are all bred and will start kidding in the next thirty days. Breeding did not go exactly as planned this past fall, but the end result will be the same. It is always very exciting when the birthing starts. We have lots of fresh rice straw, which is such a soft and warm bedding. We have moved the houses around and have cleaned up the birthing suite. We are ready!

Baby chicks will be arriving on March 24! This year we are repurposing an old greenhouse to be a new chicken brooder coop. Basically my husband informed me that I could not use the newfangled goat house for baby chicks, something about the new floor and painted walls. What’s that about? We have the first couple of steps finished. The greenhouse has been moved to a new location next to our chicken house. We also have replaced the bottom boards. This weekend we will work on side and top panels. I really like this idea and look forward to our little peeps being safe and warm.

We are getting very excited for the bursting forth of spring!


Winter Again

This weekend I got to take a little road trip. Yesterday I went up to Mountain View to attend the annual meeting of the Arkansas Craft Guild. It is such a pleasure to see all of these people in a relaxed environment.  If you are not familiar with the guild, do your self a favor and  check them out.

Then I headed up to Mountain Home to visit my daughter. We had such a fun evening. Christina is expecting her first child, a little girl. Chris and I spent the evening planning a baby shower and picking out things for the nursery.

This morning we got up and discovered winter had arrived again. Luckily I was able to get myself home safely.

Exciting Times

This past weekend we were at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. It was a wonderful experience for us. We got to see so many of our old friends and meet lots of new ones. After the brutal winter we have endured, it was invigorating to enjoy the scent of flowers, mulch and even the dirt!

The beginning of this week has been extremely eventful. The first shipment of our baby chicks has arrived. We have fifteen Golden Laced Wyandots and eight Redcaps. They have settled into their new home inside the goat barn. This morning they were all scattering around their cage quite content under the warmth of the heat lamp.

Now we knew that the chicks were arriving, but we had a great surprise yesterday of a set of twins from Oreo. We didn’t think she was due yet. When I arrived home from the post office with the chicks, (yes, they come in the mail) I went to set up light for them and heard an unusual sound. It was the sound of a newborn kid. Surely not!  I stepped outside to find a bouncing set of does and a very proud Momma!

We have lots more kids to come, stay tuned.

Chicks in box on the way home
Chicks in box on the way home
Chicks in new home, keeping warm
Chicks in new home, keeping warm
Brand new baby
Brand new baby

We are Live!

Today is a big day! we have gone live for internet sales. That’s right, you can now order all your favorite products direct from our website! we are very excited and the goats are very excited. They love that now you have an easier way to find their wonderful body products.

We are also looking forward to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, at the Statehouse Convention Center from Feb. 21-23. On Friday the 21st I will be speaking at 1:00pm about our products and the farm.

The Argenta Faremer’s Market opens on March 15th at 7:00am!

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Big Weekend

This weekend we will be in two locations. I will be at Glitz and Garland in Benton, at the Benton Event Center. It is Friday from 12-8, and Saturday from 9-6.

My husband will be in Searcy on Saturday at Pioneer Days, at the Pioneer Village from 10-4. Then on Sunday, I will be there from 1-4. This is the only stop we can make in Searcy this season.

We have all off our Christmas products ready for early shopping.

We look forward to seeing lots of old friends and meeting new ones!

Special Visitor

YesterdayYesterday’s we were very excited and blessed to be visited by P Allen Smith.   he is doing a conference on Friday for the Arkansas Women Bloggers. Allen will be talking about local businesses and will be featuring us!

We spent about an hour here at the farm sharing our goats and what we do. It was so amazing to visit with him and share our vision.

We may have another big announcement coming soon.

Live and On The Air

We are so excited to announce that on Wednesday, August 14, at 8:30 am we are doing a live broadcast on KABF radio. We will be sharing information about our products and answering questions. Be sure to tune in and see what is happening.


Seems Like Summer

The past few days have begun to feel like summer. We are so fortunate that we are just now beginning to feel heat and humidity. But, it is nice that our beautiful flowers are really shinning, they’ve been out since March, and now they have come into their own.

Summer also means our kids are growing and getting ready to find new homes. We have nine little does and three little bucks for sale. We also have three bucks from last year for sale as well. Our year old bucks are quite sweet, they have not bred yet, so they don’t know how macho they can be. If you are interested in some precious goats, let me know.

Summer is also when the Farmer’s Markets are in full swing. We are at the Sherwood Farmer’s Market on Thursday evening from 5-8, and the Argenta Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning from 7-12. Come on out and visit us and all our farmer friends. Last week we saw the first tomatoes of the season! I’ve been eating them all week.

Summer won’t be here for long, so enjoy and relish these days!




More Babies and the Young Chicks move to the Big House


It has been such a busy time on the farm. Spring is truly a time of new birth. We have witnessed the birth of eleven goat kids at this time. We still have one more doe to deliver, that should occur later this week. Each birth is exciting. The whole farm loves new life. Our chocolate lab is present as much as possible. He sits at the fence and supervises, he is very interested in all new life. Hershey, the llama, watches all of the kids and keeps them in line. He also helps the Mommas with the daily care. The first of this month we added a new member to our farm family. We now have Sarah. She is a seven month old mini dachshund, who is a true bundle of energy. Sarah has figured out the daily routine,and accompanies us on all of the chores. Sarah did not have the freedom to run before we got her, so this is an amazing life for her. We just love to watch her sprint down the driveway, ears flapping in the breeze.
We also have been watching our little chicks grow. The twenty five little peepers arrived on March 18. They were just little balls of fluff when they got here. Now just a few short weeks later, they are fully feathered little ladies. Yesterday they moved from he nursery we provided in the goat house to the “Big House”, otherwise known at the chicken coop. We are happy to help them with this transition to big girl life. Next step, they will get to go outside in the big yard.
We also are enjoying lots of new grass in places where we haven’t had grass before. Last fall we had some hay that had gotten too wet to give to the critters, so we spread it out in muddy areas. Lo and behold we now have beautiful spring grass in these areas. It’s awesome!
We have had many visitors to the farm this spring. we are grateful to each and everyone that takes time out of their schedule to visit with us.