Live and On The Air

We are so excited to announce that on Wednesday, August 14, at 8:30 am we are doing a live broadcast on KABF radio. We will be sharing information about our products and answering questions. Be sure to tune in and see what is happening.


Seems Like Summer

The past few days have begun to feel like summer. We are so fortunate that we are just now beginning to feel heat and humidity. But, it is nice that our beautiful flowers are really shinning, they’ve been out since March, and now they have come into their own.

Summer also means our kids are growing and getting ready to find new homes. We have nine little does and three little bucks for sale. We also have three bucks from last year for sale as well. Our year old bucks are quite sweet, they have not bred yet, so they don’t know how macho they can be. If you are interested in some precious goats, let me know.

Summer is also when the Farmer’s Markets are in full swing. We are at the Sherwood Farmer’s Market on Thursday evening from 5-8, and the Argenta Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning from 7-12. Come on out and visit us and all our farmer friends. Last week we saw the first tomatoes of the season! I’ve been eating them all week.

Summer won’t be here for long, so enjoy and relish these days!




More Babies and the Young Chicks move to the Big House


It has been such a busy time on the farm. Spring is truly a time of new birth. We have witnessed the birth of eleven goat kids at this time. We still have one more doe to deliver, that should occur later this week. Each birth is exciting. The whole farm loves new life. Our chocolate lab is present as much as possible. He sits at the fence and supervises, he is very interested in all new life. Hershey, the llama, watches all of the kids and keeps them in line. He also helps the Mommas with the daily care. The first of this month we added a new member to our farm family. We now have Sarah. She is a seven month old mini dachshund, who is a true bundle of energy. Sarah has figured out the daily routine,and accompanies us on all of the chores. Sarah did not have the freedom to run before we got her, so this is an amazing life for her. We just love to watch her sprint down the driveway, ears flapping in the breeze.
We also have been watching our little chicks grow. The twenty five little peepers arrived on March 18. They were just little balls of fluff when they got here. Now just a few short weeks later, they are fully feathered little ladies. Yesterday they moved from he nursery we provided in the goat house to the “Big House”, otherwise known at the chicken coop. We are happy to help them with this transition to big girl life. Next step, they will get to go outside in the big yard.
We also are enjoying lots of new grass in places where we haven’t had grass before. Last fall we had some hay that had gotten too wet to give to the critters, so we spread it out in muddy areas. Lo and behold we now have beautiful spring grass in these areas. It’s awesome!
We have had many visitors to the farm this spring. we are grateful to each and everyone that takes time out of their schedule to visit with us.


It happens every year at this time, but it is so exciting. We have babies, lots of babies. It started last Tuesday when Oreo had a set of twins. She had one little buck and one little doe. We knew Zoe and Stormy were due two days after that, so we went on kid watch. Two days came and went, three days, four days and yet no babies. Finally on Sunday morning we went to church. Now you know what that means, we had babies. While we were gone Stormy had twins, one little buck and one little doe. We got home and Zoe was in distress. She was not able to birth on her own. We had to get her laid down, calm and then go in, reposition the kid and get him out. Luckily it all came out well, and we ended up with another little buck and a little doe. At this point, everybody is doing well.

Today our baby chicks arrived. They are the cutest little balls of fluff. We got twenty seven of them and they are doing just great.

So, if you want to visit and enjoy all the babies, come on by this Saturday, from 10-2, join our open house.

Our address is 4 Cheyenne Tr. 72120.

Spring Forward

Daylight savings time is back.  I always feel better when we have more light in the evening. I do know that you have the same number of hours of daylight, it’s just so nice to have the evening to be outside.

We are working really hard to get our farmstead ready for spring. Clean up from the winter storm continues. We had so many trees damaged and so much to pick up and cut and chip, that it is has been very daunting. On the other hand, it is very rewarding to see progress. Many of the damaged trees needed to come out and be thinned. Because of the cleaning, we have had to put many other projects on hold. One thing for sure, on the farm, there is always something to keep you moving.

I’m excited to say we have all the citrus trees out and repotted. They are getting so big and full of blossoms. We will have lots of lemons and limes later this year.

We have put our hanging baskets out, started planting our pots, have cleaned up leaves and are getting a shine put on the old place.

Come out to visit us on Saturday March 23, from 10-2, this will be our Spring Open House. We will have our baby chicks, goat kids, refreshments and lots of fun.

Our address is 4 Cheyenne Trail, North Little Rock, 72120.

Flower an Garden Show

Next weekend we will be at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock. We will have our full line with us and lots of new stuff.  Come and see us from Friday thru Sunday.

Farm Open House

With the beautiful sunny days we are having, it makes us think of spring. We have daffodils blooming and tulips pushing through the ground. Theses things speak to the promise of longer and warmer dayare our new shipment of baby chicks arrives mid March and we will begin kidding about the tenth of March.  New life brings so much hope.

We want to share this special time with all our friends and customers. We are hosting our Spring Open House on March 23, from 10-2. Come on out and see new life, new growth and have some light refreshments.

Time for Updates

Here it is the end of January and so much has happened. We had an amazing end of season in December. As wonderful as all of that was, we had the massive snowstorm to contend with on Christmas. We were hit with ten to twelve inches of snow and four days without power. Also, when we went outside the morning of December 26, our chicken yard had collapsed from the weight of the snow. We did not lose any birds! It took a few days until we were able to access the damage, however, once we got to the bottom of the twisted wire, we were so surprised that there was no major damage. All we had to do was put in lots of elbow grease and purchase new zip ties. All the girls are happy  again.

January has been extremely busy. We had a very large order to put together by the  fifteenth, this was a bit stressful, but the deadline was met. As soon as this order was completed, we got word that my husband was to have rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder. On the eighteenth he had the procedure done, we are now in the healing mode. I am so grateful for our family and friends for all the support we had received in the last ten days. All seems to be well as of this writing.

This past week I was so fortunate to be able to attend the SSWAG  conference. This was an amazing time of learning and fellowship, I came away with bunches of ideas and cannot wait to implement them. It was also a very validating experience that what we are doing is making a difference and what other farmers are doing makes a difference. I challenge you to take some time, learn about your food, your personal care products,(i.e. soap, shampoo, lotion, laundry soap) and other items you consume.

We look towards February with great anticipation for the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show at the Statehouse Convention Center. The dates are February 22-24. I so look forward to seeing all my regular costumes and meeting many new ones.

Last Market

It is hard to believe it is the middle of December and we are looking at the last market of the year. Tomorrow we will be at the Argenta Farmer’s Market one last time before winter really sets in. Come and see us from 8-1. We will have all our goat’s milk and beeswax products.

Also, we will have our freshly harvested and organic lemons! Come early to get yours. We only have these lemons once a year and they go really fast. These are Sweet Meyer Lemons and soooo good.

While you are at the market be sure to get some fresh veggies and meat and cheese.

Christmas Showcase

This weekend we will be at the Arkansas Craft Guild Christmas Showcase. It is at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock. We have our full line of products there. I am so excited to see all our local customers and meet some new friends.

Also, this Saturday morning, we will be at the Argenta Farmer’s Market from 8-1. Stop by and see us to pick up some great locally produced Christmas gifts.

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