New Building Same Dream

Good Day! Happy Spring!
Life on the farm is an ever evolving thing. We love what we do and the critters we do it with. This spring we enter a new season on the farm and in the business.
We are moving all business operations to a new sight…on the farm.
That’s right, a new building. we have been in the process for two years. We knew that things had to change and we needed to get into a bigger space to make products. Our product line has grown and so has our customer base. As we began to really visualize what a space would look like, it took many forms. After about a year of what if’s we settled on a plan, kind of. Then the work really began.

There were lots of visits to look a options of types of structures. After much thought and consideration, we settled on a 24’x36′ metal building. We used fourteen foot side walls, so we could have vaulted ceilings and a loft. With the added space of the loft we are at 1296 square feet.

We began construction last August. This is not the ideal time to begin construction outside in Arkansas. The ground work was a painstaking task. My husband has done most of the work. We have had some wonderful family and friends that have stepped up and assisted, but for the day to day grind of putting this together, it has been him. We ran into lots of weather issues as we actually had winter this past year and it was cold and wet. By the end of December, we knew we needed some assistance and we contacted a great group of guys that got us in the dry! That was a day of great joy.

Since the first of the year, we have steadily, day by day worked on the inside of our soap cottage. At this point, we are about 80% finished. We will have this wrapped up within the next six weeks or so.

Our cottage floor plan includes a storage room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room. kitchen, great room and a loft.  We are moving all production to the cottage and we will be conducting classes and demonstrations there as well. There will be lots of on farm activities associated with this new space. Information about our upcoming events can be found at the ticket icon on this site or on Facebook at TammySue’s Critters, under events.

We are also excited to announce that we have signed up for WWOOFER-USA and Workaway programs. we are now able to have interns interested in learning about our farm and what we do.

We are so excited about our future, the future of the farm and the future of Tammy Sue’s critters.

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