Here We Grow Again

Future chick brooder coop
Future chick brooder coop

It is mid winter, but we are in the throughs of planning for spring. The does are all bred and will start kidding in the next thirty days. Breeding did not go exactly as planned this past fall, but the end result will be the same. It is always very exciting when the birthing starts. We have lots of fresh rice straw, which is such a soft and warm bedding. We have moved the houses around and have cleaned up the birthing suite. We are ready!

Baby chicks will be arriving on March 24! This year we are repurposing an old greenhouse to be a new chicken brooder coop. Basically my husband informed me that I could not use the newfangled goat house for baby chicks, something about the new floor and painted walls. What’s that about? We have the first couple of steps finished. The greenhouse has been moved to a new location next to our chicken house. We also have replaced the bottom boards. This weekend we will work on side and top panels. I really like this idea and look forward to our little peeps being safe and warm.

We are getting very excited for the bursting forth of spring!


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