We have new chicks on the farm. Last Tuesday when I was going out to water the goats, I was pleasantly shocked by on of our hens and her three just hatched chicks. Apparently, she had laid some eggs, hidden from us and had been sitting on them. They are almost two weeks old and doing great. What an amazing Momma she is.

Things on the farm are really looking nice. We have taken six dead trees out of goat yard. With the dead limbs, we made a jungle gym for the goats to play on, and play they do. As I stand at the kitchen window, I can see several of our kids frolicking on their new playground equipment. We have the existing goat houses cleaned and moved around. The next project is to build an extension on the goat barn. We are hoping to add about four stalls. With this addition we should be in good shape for spring kidding.

We are also adding some new products to our business line. This week I will begin to make solid perfume with our beeswax. It will be in slider tins, so it’s easy to carry and use. I can’t wait to see how this works out. Another product for our beeswax!