We have lots of updates: Our Momma hen and her three chicks are doing very well. She takes them out further everyday. She is raising girls to be brave and strong!

We had a real scare last week, on Thursday morning, there were two coyotes not twenty feet from our chickens. That got my attention. We have been locking them up each evening at dusk. The girls are not happy! There have been no casualties. I ordered four Nite Guards. They are a solar powered flashing light.  The lights came today. We have them up and they are covering 360 degrees around our girls. I feel much more at ease.

Today I made the first of our Christmas soaps, today. We have Christmas Spice, Season’s Greetings and a new yet to be named variety. Can’t wait to get started  on lotions and the rest of our holiday line.

Come visit us this Saturday at Our Savior Luthern Church at 301 S. Pine in Cabot!