When we were beginning this adventure called farming, I read several books on the subject. I learmed you can never have too many hoses, it will always take longer than you expect for any project, and will cost lots more than you expect. Weather is always a key factor. It doesn’t matter if you do crops or livestock, you are dependent on Mother Nature.

Today this was brought home to me again. It was 105 out and we went out to cool the critters for the second time. Upon inspection of the chickens, I found one hen in very bad shape. She had gone back in the henhouse and had gotten overheated. When I found her she was listless and unresponsive. Immediately, I took her out and began to soak her with cool water. I sent husband in to get ice packs and placed them under her wings. We got her in a box and brought into the air conditioning. Within thirty minutes she was coming out of it. I got her to take some water. I called my daughter, the vet, to see if anything else could be done. She assured me that I had done all that was possible. Her odds were about sixty percent for survival. As I am writing this, she is still with us!