As the drought continues without relief in sight, it is really taking a toll on your local farmers. Triple digit temperatures are becoming the norm. Local tomatoes are pretty much played out, as they are literally cooking on the vine.There are a few varieties holding up but not many. The insects are beginning to really play havoc with the crops that are surviving. Farmers are working as hard as they can to harvest.

Animals are also showing signs of stress. We are having to water chickens, goats, and horses twice a day. We must also hose down the chickens and horses a couple of times in the afternoon to keep their body temps down.

Because of  the drought in other parts of the country, feed will be going up. This will have a ripple effect on everybody as prices change at the grocery store.

Im not trying to be depressing with this information. I am just making a few statements of fact. Please stop by the North Little Rock Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 7:00-12:00 and support your local farmer. Unlike other markets, this one is a producer only market. This means what these farmers sell, they must produce on their farm.