The days are offering a chill now, and it’s wonderful.  We have an update on our farm hatched chicks. They are almost full grown. It appears that we have one rooster and two little hens. Last week we added some Lavender Orpingtons to our flock.  We have seven of them, three molted and four are solid in color. When grown, they are a beautiful shade of lavender.

Today we put more trees in the orchard. We put in two apricots, one persimmon, one peach, one nectarine and two pecans. We also added two blueberries. Can’t wait to see know the do in spring. We have nurtured these trees in 20 gallon pots for a year and a half. Now they are nestled in their new homes!

We are at the beginning of breeding season for our goats. We are hopeful to get our does bred this month, to set us up for a mid spring kidding season. We must have kids to keep having milk, to continue making product.

We have been really working to have enough product for all our fall shows. I am really putting in some extra hours to make lotion and get enough bottles filled. All of our Christmas line is up. We have a new soap and lotion, Woodland Elves, this one is awesome. I have also added two new lip balms, Mint Truffle and Creme de Menthe.

Stop by and see us next week in Jacksonville at the Park and Rec building. We will be at their annual craft show!