Summer Routine

Summer is upon us. We are in the new routine. At this point we are doing three markets each week. It is lots of fun to do these markets. We have also addded a couple of new retailers. Our products are at the Hardin Farm Store in Scott and now at BJ’s Produce and Plants in Sherwood.

Our laundry soap is moving well. It is a great product. All that is needed for a full size load is 2 tablespoons. It can also be used in the he washers because it is low sudsing.

We have our body butter out and it is amazing! You only need a very little bit to soothe all the rough problem areas. Right now we have it available in Juicy Pear and Grapefruit?

All of our kids have now been born. We have a total of eleven. There are eight does and three bucks. We have lots of extra goats right now. Anybody  interested?