Pretty Quiet Week

It’s been about a week since our little breech baby ws born. Life is good on the farm. Our girl is doing well. We are going to call her Stormy’s Star in honor of those that helped birth her. We are expecting another birth anytime now. At present we have six little kids on the ground and they are such a pleasure to watch.

With a return to normalcy, we have been able to do a little catch up. The goat house expansion is moving along. The inside walls are framed. We have the tyvek up and outside siding installed. Most of the electric is in. It is about ready to have insulation put in.

The tomatoes have taken over the greenhouse and we are selling them as fast as we can. If you need any heirloom tomatoes, let me know.

We got some of our tomatoes in the ground and also some of our favorite long beans.these beans grow in red and green andreach lengths of up to thirty inches. They are very meaty. It doesn’t take many to make a meal. Our strawberries are looking great for first year plants. Most of the trees in the orchard have set fruit. Hopefully we will be harvesting lots of tree ripened fruit this summer.

Any day our first grandbaby will arrive. This is indeed a time of new birth and beginnings.