Just life on the farm

We totally love the farm life. However, there areĀ  some days that are harder than others. Today is our first day back to work after spring break, it is cold and dreary, and we had to get up at 5:00, after sleeping in till 7:00 last week. It is spring, so we have lots of babies.Right now we have about thirty little peeps and a set of twin goats born last week. Our little doe is being cared for by her momma, but our little buck has been shunned by her, so he is being bottle fed. Which means at 5:30, in the cold predawn I was out there with a bottle. He is on the three bottles a day plan. It just warms your heart when he is drinkingĀ  the bottle and that little tale is wagging to beat the band. He makes me smile.

Once he is finished eating, it is off to the peeps. They are on the two a day cleaning plan. Boy can they make a mess overnight. They are just getting their real feathers. It is neat to watch them spread their wings and try to fly. Don’t they know chickens don’t fly? I guess that is part of the learning process. Two quarts of water and a quart of food overnight, really? They are fed watered and cleaned.

While I am doing this, my husband handles the horses, the grown chickens and goats. Morning chores under control, off to the day job!