Products From The Farm

One of our soaps
Our tomatoes in greenhouse

When we set up our life on the farm, it was a goal to be able to have products from our farm that we offer to the community. This is becoming a reality. Our first product was the eggs that our hens or “girls” delight us with each day. A farm fresh egg sure beats the commercially gathered ones that you find at your local grocery store. The yolks are brighter, and higher. Our eggs are also very pretty, with colors ranging from alabaster, to sand, to pink, brown, and even green.

We also are producing soap and lotion from our goat’s milk. We have been in  the soap business for about three years. Goat’s milk has about the same ph as your skin, so it works with your skin not against it. Goat’s milk has been used as a beauty aid for centuries. Cleopatra was known to bathe in  goat’s milk, to keep her skin smooth.

Our goat’s milk soap is made with soy, coconut, olive oils, vegetable shortening and lye. Each scent has different  herbs or spices as well as fragrance oils. We have had very good success with our soap line. In fact, we have had so much success and requests that we have now added a lotion line. Our lotion is made with sweet almond,  and avocado oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, distilled water and goat’s milk. It is thick and creamy, very nourishing and will help to heal dry chapped skin.

We are also making and selling hard cheese. It is wonderful. We love the texture and taste of the different cheeses. All of the cheeses are made with the same ingredients, the difference is in how you warm, wash and press the curds. At this point we are only able to sell from the farm, however we are working on becoming a Grade A diary, so that we can sell from the farmer’s market.

In the spring we grow and sell heirloom vegetable plants which we are selling online, to the community, at a nursery and to friends. This is our third year doing this and this is our best year yet. Our plants are absolutely amazing. We can grow some kick butt tomatoes!

Last spring we put in our orchard and are looking forward to producing fruit products. This will be our next adventure!