Such Is Farm Life

As spring comes each year, we are filled with renewed hope for the coming year. How many kids will we have? How many will be does? How many bucks? How will the baby chicks do?

Once the kids start coming and the baby chicks arrive, it gets pretty hectic. We are very goat friendly here. I do not seperate the kids from their mothers. I just love the bond that forms between the mother and the kid. We watch mother and daughter stay together until the next year, when a new kid arrives. Our girls are very protected and pampered. This system has worked well, until this year. Our goat “families”are very happy, but the fact that we do not ever seperate the kids at birth, is costing us dearly. Our goats are extremely happy, but milk production has bottomed out. We are taking steps to correct this problem. We are changing feed rations, adding some probiotics, increasing their minerals and putting them back on the electric milker. Keep your fingers crossed that all this helps as we really need their rich milk of our girls. It is a main ingredient in our soaps and lotions.

We will keep you all updated on the progress in milk production.