Seems Like Summer

The past few days have begun to feel like summer. We are so fortunate that we are just now beginning to feel heat and humidity. But, it is nice that our beautiful flowers are really shinning, they’ve been out since March, and now they have come into their own.

Summer also means our kids are growing and getting ready to find new homes. We have nine little does and three little bucks for sale. We also have three bucks from last year for sale as well. Our year old bucks are quite sweet, they have not bred yet, so they don’t know how macho they can be. If you are interested in some precious goats, let me know.

Summer is also when the Farmer’s Markets are in full swing. We are at the Sherwood Farmer’s Market on Thursday evening from 5-8, and the Argenta Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning from 7-12. Come on out and visit us and all our farmer friends. Last week we saw the first tomatoes of the season! I’ve been eating them all week.

Summer won’t be here for long, so enjoy and relish these days!