Post Spring Break

Spring Break has come and gone. The baby chicks are really growing. They are now in the big cage and loving the extra room to flex their wings. This is the time when they are slowly introduced to the older and wiser hens. In just a few weeks time the chicks will be out running with the big girls. Since we have added these little gems to our flock, we have decided that the girls are going to need more room to play. We expanded their running area to about double of the previous size. Egg production has been great and they girls are definatly earning their keep.

We also delighted to announce that so far this spring we have had two sets of twins and a single birth in our goat heard. We are very happy with our four little does and one little buck. There are more to come. One of our does should deliver any day. The other two within the next month. We are also building an addition to the goat house. This will allow us to be able to milk, pour and clean up much easier. This will just about double our working space.  On the outside, the goat yard has been expanded and we have cut the excess trees out. Our son came over and chipped up the wood. Now I have lots of wood paths.

Besides these new additions, we have added to our line. We are now making several flavors of lip balm. It is made with beeswax, almond, olive, rice bran, flavoring oils and stevia. This is a totally natural balm. We do have an unflavored version wit just a touch of honey.  Our other addition is a Bug Banisher bar. It is made with beeswax, olive and coconut oil. The bar has citronella , sage and lemongrass oils.

Come and see us at Argenta Farmer’s Market this Saturday for a special Easter Market.