More Babies and the Young Chicks move to the Big House


It has been such a busy time on the farm. Spring is truly a time of new birth. We have witnessed the birth of eleven goat kids at this time. We still have one more doe to deliver, that should occur later this week. Each birth is exciting. The whole farm loves new life. Our chocolate lab is present as much as possible. He sits at the fence and supervises, he is very interested in all new life. Hershey, the llama, watches all of the kids and keeps them in line. He also helps the Mommas with the daily care. The first of this month we added a new member to our farm family. We now have Sarah. She is a seven month old mini dachshund, who is a true bundle of energy. Sarah has figured out the daily routine,and accompanies us on all of the chores. Sarah did not have the freedom to run before we got her, so this is an amazing life for her. We just love to watch her sprint down the driveway, ears flapping in the breeze.
We also have been watching our little chicks grow. The twenty five little peepers arrived on March 18. They were just little balls of fluff when they got here. Now just a few short weeks later, they are fully feathered little ladies. Yesterday they moved from he nursery we provided in the goat house to the “Big House”, otherwise known at the chicken coop. We are happy to help them with this transition to big girl life. Next step, they will get to go outside in the big yard.
We also are enjoying lots of new grass in places where we haven’t had grass before. Last fall we had some hay that had gotten too wet to give to the critters, so we spread it out in muddy areas. Lo and behold we now have beautiful spring grass in these areas. It’s awesome!
We have had many visitors to the farm this spring. we are grateful to each and everyone that takes time out of their schedule to visit with us.