Baby Chicks

This morning at 6:30, I got the call that the chicks were here. Each spring we order a new little flock  of chicks. They are shipped from Murray Mc Murray hatchery in Iowa. As soon as they are hatched, they are gathered up, sexed, checked for health and placed in a shipping box. From there they go to the airport and are whisked off to their new homes. Once they arrive at the airport in their hometown, they are then transported to the post office. Then the call comes and off we go to bring them home. It is an exciting time and one I look forward to each spring. At our farm, it is like signal that spring has truly arrived.

On a different note, last week was very busy. We added a new product to our line. We are now making lip balm. The principal ingredient is beeswax form our hives. At this point, we have four flavors, Berry Cherry, Fizzy Pop, Iced Pineapple with Tangerine, and Sangria. We debuted it at the Flower and Garden Market on Saturday. The Lip Balm was received very well.

We will be at the Flower and Garden Market again this Saturday. It is at 6th and Main in North Little Rock, from 8:00 tilL noon. There will be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade as well. We look forward to seeing everyone!