It happens every year at this time, but it is so exciting. We have babies, lots of babies. It started last Tuesday when Oreo had a set of twins. She had one little buck and one little doe. We knew Zoe and Stormy were due two days after that, so we went on kid watch. Two days came and went, three days, four days and yet no babies. Finally on Sunday morning we went to church. Now you know what that means, we had babies. While we were gone Stormy had twins, one little buck and one little doe. We got home and Zoe was in distress. She was not able to birth on her own. We had to get her laid down, calm and then go in, reposition the kid and get him out. Luckily it all came out well, and we ended up with another little buck and a little doe. At this point, everybody is doing well.

Today our baby chicks arrived. They are the cutest little balls of fluff. We got twenty seven of them and they are doing just great.

So, if you want to visit and enjoy all the babies, come on by this Saturday, from 10-2, join our open house.

Our address is 4 Cheyenne Tr. 72120.